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After over two decades of dedicated service, Pastor Davis yet recognizes the great call upon his life to lead God’s people. With his wife by his side, Pastor and First Lady Davis continually strive to bring forth the Vision that God has given them; to train, develop, and effect change in the lives of God’s people, both in the church and the community, both spiritually and naturally.

Because of their unwavering faith in God, the Vision and Mission of Refreshing Spring Community Church of God in Christ (RSCC) is yet alive and well. Along with a great leadership team, disciples are being developed through focused biblical teaching and training. Pastor and First Lady Davis truly believe that we cannot love God, without truly loving God’s people. And, because of the great love that exists here at RSCC, our church family has been able to pray together and stay together in the midst of the storms and the rain, while yet giving God the praise. But also celebrate the joys and blessings together, while yet giving God the Glory!

Senior Pastor Bobby Davis

& First Lady Mrs. Brenda Davis

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